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The Little Sparks Library is your gateway to beautiful printable educational resources for 3-6 year olds. Our Library is for the exclusive use of our subscribers.  Each month, subscribers gain access to a new set of resources covering early learning concepts in language, math, art appreciation and more, all for one accessible monthly price.

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Our June Library is now live! Here's a look at what's inside:

  • 5US$
    Every month
    Access exclusive new resources every month!
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Library FAQ

What is the Little Sparks Library?

The Little Sparks Library is a new subscription program that allows us to offer you a range of exclusive, high quality educational printables for 3-6 year olds at a very accessible price. 

What types of resources will be available each month? Will there be duplicates?

Each month we will share a variety of resources covering early learning skills in language, math, art appreciation, fine motor development and more.

While there won't be duplicated resources, there will be some resources that appear each month, such as our monthly themed Morning Time, Traceable Calendars and Monthly Symbol Art Card Sets.

What is the Morning Time resource?

Set the tone for the day by gathering together to read a poem, colour a picture and work on early learning skills of your choosing.  Our new monthly Morning Time packs include over 60 pages of early learning activities for you to curate your own Morning Time book for your child. You can change it up each week, or offer the same set of pages for the whole month. The only prep involved is printing and slipping into page protectors. Pair with a dry erase marker for repeated use. 


Can I purchase library resources without subscribing?

The resources created for the Little Sparks Library are available exclusively to subscribers. They will not be available for purchase in the Shop during this calendar year. 

What is the value of the resources in the library each month?

We commit to providing resources valued at a minimum of $20 each month.

Who can I contact for help with my subscription or to ask questions?

Contact for your support needs.

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