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The following resources pair nicely with our Australia and Oceania resources, including our Oceania 3-Part Cards Bundle and Australian Mammals Bundle.

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Books About Oceania

We've poured over the options to curate this list of books. Included are culturally relevant books with positive depictions of children from this part of the world. We've done our best to keep the list short (but it's hard to do with so many great choices!).

Click on any book to read the synopsis.

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Hands On Oceania Resources

These hands-on activities can help bring your study of Oceania to life!

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Musical Instruments

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Recipes for Traditional Food from Oceania

Below you'll find links to recipes for a few of the traditional Oceanic dishes that are included in our Foods of Oceania 3-Part Card Set

Anzac Cookies

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Fijian Rourou

Damper Bread

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