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Colour Theory Bundle

Colour Theory Bundle


Ready to dive into a world of colour?! Our Colour Theory Bundle is full of resources to help you explore colour and the elements of colour theory. The bundle is suitable for ages 3 and up and works well if you have children at different ages and stages, or if you want a resource that will grow with your child.


The bundle includes an exploration of colour through art and hands-on activities. Here is a look at some of the areas of study in this 77 page bundle:

- The Colour Wheel
- Primary Colours
- Colour Mixing
- Secondary Colours
- Tertiary Colours
- Warm and Cool Colours
- Complementary Colours
- Analogous Colours
- Neutral Colours
- Monochrome Colours


Book and activity recommendations to complement the bundle resources are also included.


** Please note there are two listings one with the American spelling (color) and one with Canadian/UK/Australian spelling (colour). Please be sure you have chosen the correct product.

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