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Fruits & Vegetables Preschool & Toddler Resource Bundle
  • Fruits & Vegetables Preschool & Toddler Resource Bundle

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    Our Fruits & Vegetables Preschool Bundle has been carefully curated to offer a selection of engaging, hands-on learning resources for 2-4 year olds.


    All 20 resources in this bundle feature real photographs of fruits and vegetables as we find the littlest learners are drawn to real life images. The bundle allows little ones to gain confidence while building on a wide selection of early learning skills. Inside you'll find a table that outlines the skills covered by each resource, including:


    - colours

    - counting/recognition of quantities

    - fine motor skills

    - letter recognition

    - letter sounds

    - number recognition

    - patterns and shapes

    - pre-writing skills

    - visual perceptual skills


    There is something for every learner in this bundle.


    Here's what you'll receive:

    - Fruits & Vegetables Alphabet Poster Set

    - Fruits & Vegetables Letter Match Puzzles

    - Fruits Lacing Cards (large format, double-sided)

    - Vegetables Lacing Cards (large format, double-sided)

    - Fruits & Vegetables Shapes Puzzles

    - Fruits & Vegetables Number Puzzles (1-5)

    - I Can Eat a Rainbow Booklet

    - Fruits Shadow Matching

    - Vegetables Shadow Matching

    - Fruits & Vegetables Printing Primer Cards (lowercase)

    - Fruits & Vegetables Number Primer Cards (1-10)

    - Produce Colour Sorting Pack

    - Fruits & Vegetables Snip Strips

    - Tomatoes in a Salad Pompom Counting

    - Berries in Yogurt Pompom Counting

    - Fruit Slices Symmetry Matching

    - Vegetable Slices Symmetry Matching

    - Counting Fruits 3-part Cards (1-10)

    - Fruits Pattern Strips

    - Vegetables Pattern Strips


    This bundle:

    - draws young learners in with real photography

    - engages the youngest learners with hands-on activities

    - build confidence by offering age-appropriate resources

    - provides the opportunity to work on a variety of early learning skills


    This bundle is NOT:

    - a compilation of zero prep worksheets

    - full of resources that challenge the child far beyond their age/abilities, resulting in frustration

    - one-dimensional learning


    Who is this bundle for?

    - toddler and preschool classrooms

    - homeschools

    - occupational therapists

    - child care facilities

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