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Letter Sounds Bingo Set 2, Real Images
  • Letter Sounds Bingo Set 2, Real Images


    The Letter Sounds Bingo Set 2 is a low prep, fun way to practice letter sounds for pre-readers and includes options to make make this game inclusive for those who may not yet recognize written letters but are learning letter sounds!


    Set 2 features the letters: f, o, g, h, j, u, l, d and w


    Each game includes the following:

    - 9 bingo cards – letters only Perfect for those who are learning or have mastered letter sounds, these cards feature 9 lowercase letters. These cards should be presented once a child has already become familiar with the sounds made by each letter in the set.
    - 9 bingo cards – depicted in images only This set features images that correspond to the letters featured in the game.
    - 2 sets of 9 caller cards You can choose either the letter cards or the image cards, depending on how you choose to play the game.


    *This resource is also available in cursive font in the Cursive Resources section of the shop*

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