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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Everything you need to ring in the season  with engaging, age-appropriate resources!

Our Autumn Preschool Bundle has been carefully curated to offer a selection of

engaging, hands-on learning resources for 2-4 year olds and for a limited time you can save over 30% and grab this entire bundle for just $35!

The resources in this bundle all feature real photographs of autumn objects and animals as we find the littlest learners are drawn to real life images. The bundle allows little ones to gain confidence while building on a wide variety of early learning skills.

Inside you'll find a table that outlines the skills covered by each resource, including:


What's Included?

This bundle:

  • draws young learners in with real photography

  • engages the youngest learners with hands-on activities

  • build confidence by offering age-appropriate resources

  • provides the opportunity to work on a variety of early learning skills

This bundle is NOT:

  • a compilation of zero prep worksheets

  • full of resources that challenge the child far beyond their age/abilities, resulting in frustration and poor confidence

  • one-dimensional learning

There is something for every learner in this bundle!

Bundle FAQ

What age group is this bundle for?

This bundle has been specifically created for the littlest sparks, ages 2-4.

What will I receive when I purchase the bundle?

This is a bundle of DIGITAL resources. Upon purchase you will receive a one page PDF file that contains a link to access the folder of resources. You will have 30 days to download the one page access file. Access to the folder of resources is unlimited.

Do you offer a pre-printed version?

No, this is a digital bundle. Nothing will come in the mail.

How do I prepare and present these resources?

Instructions for preparation are included with each resource. For the best results, you will need Adobe Acrobat (available free online) to open and print these files and access to a colour printer. We recommend printing most resources on bright white cardstock for best results.

Who can I contact for support?

For support with your order please reach out to

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