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Autumn Preschool & Toddler Resource Bundle
  • Autumn Preschool & Toddler Resource Bundle

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    Our Autumn Preschool Bundle has been carefully curated to offer a selection of engaging, hands-on learning resources for 2-4 year olds.


    All 20 resources in this bundle feature real photographs of autumn-themed objects and animals as we find the littlest learners are drawn to real life images. The bundle allows little ones to gain confidence while building on a wide selection of early learning skills. Inside you'll find a table that outlines the skills covered by each resource, including:


    - colours

    - counting/recognition of quantities

    - fine motor skills

    - letter recognition

    - letter sounds

    - number recognition

    - patterns and shapes

    - pre-writing skills

    - visual perceptual skills


    There is something for every learner in this bundle.


    Here's what you'll receive:

    - Autumn Alphabet Poster Set

    - Autumn Letter Match Puzzles

    - Autumn Lacing Cards (large format, double-sided)

    - Autumn Shapes Puzzles

    - Autumn Number Puzzles (1-5)

    - Apples Number Puzzles (1-5)

    - Autumn Dab a Dot

    - Autumn Pin Poking

    - Autumn Art Templates

    - Autumn Count and Sort

    - Autumn Shadow Matching

    - Autumn Size Sorting Pack

    - Autumn Printing Primer Cards (lowercase)

    - Autumn Number Primer Cards (1-10)

    - Autumn Colour Sorting Pack

    - Autumn Pattern Strips

    - Autumn Snip Strips

    - Apples in a Basket Pompom Counting

    - Acorn and Oak Number Posters (1-10)

    - Acorn and Oak Count and Sort (1-10)

    - Autumn Match the Room Set


    This bundle:

    - draws young learners in with real photography

    - engages the youngest learners with hands-on activities

    - build confidence by offering age-appropriate resources

    - provides the opportunity to work on a variety of early learning skills


    This bundle is NOT:

    - a compilation of zero prep worksheets

    - full of resources that challenge the child far beyond their age/abilities, resulting in frustration

    - one-dimensional learning


    Who is this bundle for?

    - toddler and preschool classrooms

    - homeschools

    - occupational therapists

    - child care facilities

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