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Alphabet Match the Room Bundle, 26 Sets Aa to Zz

Alphabet Match the Room Bundle, 26 Sets Aa to Zz


Little ones love to move! Help to satisfy that need to move with this interactive visual discrimination activity that will have your little sparks matching picture cards to the larger posters you've displayed throughout the classroom.


This bundle includes all 26 letter themed sets. Each set includes:


- 10 US Letter sized posters to hang in your classroom and

- 10 corresponding matching cards


The bundle also includes a set of lowercase letter cards and a set of uppercase letter cards for matching beginning letter sounds (or ending sound in the case of the letter Xx).


We recommend the use of Velcro dots on the posters and cards to allow little hands to "stick" the cards to the posters. This reaching movement helps build the core strength required later for handwriting.


Display a set per week for a letter of the week theme, or mix and match for endless phonics matching activities.

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