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Beginning Blends Picture Sorting Card Set
  • Beginning Blends Picture Sorting Card Set


    **PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital item. You will receive a downloadable PDF and will not receive a physical product. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to print this file. Adobe Acrobat is available free online.**

    This activity for children who are familiar with their letter sounds and are beginning to read consonant blends. It includes 96 watercolour images, four for each of the 21 consonant blends and 3 consonant digraphs included. Two font colour options are included and there are control posters for reference for each of the blends and digraphs. 


    The following consonant blends are included in this set:


    - bl
    - cl
    - fl
    - gl
    - pl

    - sl



    - br

    - cr

    - dr

    - fr

    - gr
    - pr

    - tr


    - sc

    - sk
    - sl

    - sm
    - sn
    - sp
    - st


    - sw

    - tw


    Three consonant digraphs are included:
    - ch
    - sh
    - th


    Instructions for preparation and presentation are included.

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