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Chicken Breeds Trading Cards, Set 1
  • Chicken Breeds Trading Cards, Set 1


    **PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital item. You will receive a downloadable PDF and will not receive a physical product. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to print this file. Adobe Acrobat is available free online.**


    Love chickens as much as we do?! Want to learn more about various chicken breeds? This set of 50 trading cards is a fun way for children of all ages to learn to identify the characteristics of 25 breeds.


    The front of each card features the name of the breed and a watercolour image of either the rooster or the hen of that breed. Hen cards also include the breed purpose (layer, meat, dual, ornamental) and the number/size/colour of eggs laid per week.


    The reverse of the hen cards include information about breed standard appearance, temperament, origin, etc.


    Set 1 includes the following breeds:

    - Ancona

    - Andalusian

    - Appenzeller

    - Araucana

    - Ayam Cemani

    - Barbu D'Anvers

    - Barnevelder

    - Barred Rock

    - Bielefelder

    - Brabanter

    - Braekel

    - Brahma

    - California Grey

    - Campine

    - Catalana

    - Chantecler

    - Cochin

    - Crèvecœur

    - Croad Langshan

    - Cubalaya

    - Delaware

    - Dominique

    - Dorking

    - Faverolles

    - Friesian


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