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Montessori Blue Series Consonant Blends Spelling Set

Montessori Blue Series Consonant Blends Spelling Set


Your little spark will love building their spelling skills while working with this set of 175 consonant blend words with matching images. Each  word has been chosen for simplicity in matching to an image. 


This set is anextension of our Blue Series Reading Set and features beginning and ending consonant blends. There are 175 different words in the set. Words are grouped by blend and there are three progressions: 1.trace the blend, 2. write the missing blend and 3. write the whole word. A suggested sequence poster is also included for reference*.

*please note the following blends are NOT included in this set, merely because it is challenging to find 5 words that can bedepicted in photos that also follow the principles outlines in the next page. Those excluded blends are: -ff, -zz, -ct, -pt and -sp.

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