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Montessori Story Alphabet, Cursive

Montessori Story Alphabet, Cursive

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**PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital item. You will receive a downloadable PDF and will not receive a physical product. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to print this file. Adobe Acrobat is available free online.**

Make your own Montessori story alphabet with this set of printable alphabet tiles. This set includes both lowercase and uppercase letter tiles for the 26 letters of the English alphabet, as well additional lowercase character tiles for French, German, Spanish, and several international languages. Altogether there are 50 international characters. There are 2 font colour options included (blue) vowels/red consonants OR red vowels/blue consonants.


*Note double letters (such as the Spanish ch, ll and rr) are not included as single tiles so that we could keep all letters and tiles a uniform size to fit common sized grid storage compartments measuring 3cm wide by 4.5cm high. They can be easily built using the single tiles. We include information on where to purchase a container in the included preparation instructions.