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Pink Series Spelling Set, Real Images CURSIVE

Pink Series Spelling Set, Real Images CURSIVE


This BIG set includes 120 pink series words and is an extension of our Pink Series Reading Set, Cursive edition.


In this 152 page resource, words are grouped by vowel and there are three progressions: 1. trace the missing letter, 2. write the missing letter and 3. write the whole word. there are three options for each progression: beginning consonant, vowel and ending consonant. You may wish to start with the vowel cards, followed by beginning and ending consonants.


This spelling activity is an extension of the Pink Series Reading Set and should be introduced only when the child is familiar with reading CVC words as presented in that series. This set should not be used to introduce reading, however you may choose to use portions of it alongside the Pink Reading Series - for example, after introducing the short a words, if your child demonstrates proficiency in reading the short a words and matching them to their corresponding images, you may choose to introduce the short a spelling pages*.


*Please note children may be reading before they are proficient in letter formation. To reduce frustration do not introduce this work with children that are not yet proficient with pencil grasp and letter formation.

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