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Here are some products that complement our resources. We've sorted them by category. Simply click on the buttons below to view a specific category, or scroll through to view them all.

*Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission on sales made through these links, at no additional cost to you. Please see our Disclaimer for full details.

Display and Presentation

We are often asked about how best to organize and display our materials. Here are a few of our top product recommendations to present our resources for your little sparks.

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Trays and Mats

Presenting materials for a single activity on a tray offers a few benefits. In addition to providing "a place for everything and everything in its place", trays also allow a child to independently transport the materials to their work area. Here are a few options that we like:

Trays with Handles

Handles make it easy for little ones to carry

Non-slip Liner

Prevent items from sliding around 

Floor Mat

Defines workspace 

Trays and Mats
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Nomenclature (3-part) Cards

How do your keep the cards from becoming a jumbled mess? Here are a few ideas that we think work well:

Horizontal Display

Vertical Display

For Matching Objects

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Scissor Strips

One of the items we are asked about most - scissors! Here are our favourites:

First Scissors

Spring-loaded loop scissors are our first choice for beginners

Progression 1

Also spring-loaded but with thumb and finger holds

Progression 2

Blunt tip safety scissors that are not spring-loaded

Storage for strips

Handy containers to display scissor strips (great for puzzle strips too)

Scissor Stips
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Language Cabinets & Moveable Alphabet

Our language cabinet labels are made to fit these drawers. They offer a convenient way to organize all those little objects for learning letter sounds.

If you have our free printable moveable (storybook) alphabet, the letters fit this container perfectly. This set includes 2 containers so you can have one print and one cursive alphabet.

Language Cabinets
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Lacing Cards

Organize your lacing cards with these tray and shelf options.

Flat Storage

Vertical Storage

Laces and Lace Holder

Lacing Cards

Organization and Storage

What about when your materials are not being used? Here are a few of our suggestions for organizing and storing our resources before placing in a bin or drawer when not in use.

Card Storage

With 16 individual 4x6" containers, this container is a great way to store cards.

Bundle Storage

Great for keeping an entire bundle or theme together. Large enough for full size letter paper.

Small Pieces

Keep small paper pieces such as cards and paper counters together with these clear envelopes.

Label Containers

Labeling your storage containers will make it easier to spot what you are looking for.

Organization Storage
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